The Team Leader Course Is An In-Depth Laboratory Of Classroom And Field Training That Provides Students With The Opportunity To Complete All Requirements For A Ground Team Leader (GTL) Rating.

Students will spend several hours of each day learning the academic course material, and several hours of each day working on the practical fieldwork.  In the field, students must wear their 24-hour gear at all times; students will also walk significant distances in extreme heat and sudden storms. Physical fitness and readiness for these conditions must be appropriate prior to arrival at the school. Team Leader students will be expected to set the example in all, including morning formations, timeliness, and positive attitudes.

Graduation requires completion of 100% of the task requirements as listed on the Ground Team Leader Specialty Qualification Training Record (SQTR). While some students may have several tasks completed from previous training, all students are required to demonstrate proficiency in all tasks listed on the GTL SQTR to graduate this course.  Attendance at the Team Leader course and completion of all tasks does not always guarantee certification. At times, a student will need more experience than can be provided in a one-week intensive course. These students will be given credit for their task completions but will need to spend additional time working with qualified trainers in their state to gain more experience prior to full certification. 
This course will include overnights in the field, search operations, and cross-country travel.  Students will be required to construct and sleep in field expedient shelters; no tents are allowed.  All Team Leader students are required to stay on post during the course week.

Entrance-testing of students in the use of a compass, equipment check (24 & 72 hr Gear) and use of direction finding equipment is required.  Students who cannot successfully complete these tasks may be re-assigned to either the Basic or Advanced GSAR Schools.

There are no opportunities for students to acquire gear during the activity.  It is imperative that students use the task guide and this website to ensure they have all required gear. 

Those completing the course successfully will be eligible for their CAPF 101 ground team qualification (GTM1, GTM2, UDF, GTL) and senior ground team badge. It is required that all team leader candidates arrive having already completed Basic First Aid and Basic Communications User Training. Students will not be qualified as Ground Team Leaders unless they have had these at some point