1. Do I have to attend every weekend?
No, but you are responsible for 100% of the tasks in your course if you want to be rated. Each weekend has assigned tasks and the last weekend of the cycle is specifically for students to make up tasks that they missed but there will not be as much time for instruction.

2. What do I need to bring?
Each course page has a tab for Equipment List, including a printable list. You are required to bring nothing other than what is required on the SQTR.

3. Will I be fully qualified if I graduate?
GSAR and Aircrew students can be fully qualified in a specialty if they have completed the requirements for their course AND have completed their FEMA IS training. MMS, WAFA, MC, and Mini-Courses do not have ratings tied to their curriculums.
4. What is the WESS curriculum?
As outlined by the National Emergency Services Curriculum Project, the WESS follows what is known as a 'task-based' training program. 
This section provides a general idea of what this program means for each student.

Curriculum Materials


Ground and UDF Team 
 WESS' GSAR Course
 uses the Ground and
 Urban Direction Finding Team
 Task Manual


Flight Guide 
 Aircrew uses the
 Mission Aircrew Reference Text


Wilderness Advance First Aid 
 Wilderness Advanced First Aid
 uses a commercial text

Task guides are textbook of sorts, containing nearly all of the information an individual needs to acquire to become rated in particular ES ratings. 

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