Equipment List

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▢ Complete Utility Uniform (ABUs, BDUs, Blue Utility Uniform, USAF Style Flight Suit, or CAP Blue Flight Suit) including headgear, all required name tapes and patches, cutouts, and grade insignia in accordance with CAPM 39-1. (Golf Shirt & Grey Slacks combination is not authorized.) 
▢ Underclothes and socks sufficient for three days
▢ Outerwear Clothing and footwear appropriate for spending many hours outdoors in prevailing seasonal weather conditions. 
▢ Toiletry/Shower Kit: Toothbrush (in cases), Toothpaste, Razor and Shaving Cream (as necessary), Comb or Brush (as necessary), items of feminine hygiene (as necessary), Deodorant or antiperspirant, Soap, Shampoo, Towel other items as necessary (enough to last you for your entire stay). 
▢ 2 Breakfast Meals (Minimal preparation needed. No open flames are allowed at WESS facilities, but there is electricity for small teapots, etc) 
▢ $5 cash for lunch 
▢ Atlanta, Memphis, & New Orleans VFR Sectional Charts.  Need not be current (actual paper charts required i.e. not electronic, not on iPad, etc)
▢ Sectional Plotter 
▢ General Aviation Headset 
▢ Kneeboard / Cockpit Organizer Highly Recommended 
▢ Pens, Pencil, Notebook/pad 
▢ Flashlight (preferably hands free / head mounted) 
▢ Sleeping bag & Pillow 
▢ Refillable water bottle